Career plans and life goals

It’s strange to think that it’s been a year since England first went into lockdown. But now, thanks to the frankly superb way in which our wonderful NHS have been rolling out the vaccine, it feels like there is finally some much needed light at the end of the tunnel. Indeed, the sun is out and shining brightly over Wiltshire as I write this. A sure sign that things really are beginning to look up. All I need now is a whole new wardrobe of clothes, (I’m getting kind of desperate!) and a new laptop, (I’m thinking this one) and I’ll be ready to take on the world once more!

What a life that’s going to be as well. Regular readers of these pages will know that I accepted an unconditional offer to study Creative and Professional Writing at UWE earlier this year and well, I’ve now made a few decisions about how I want the next few years and how I want my life beyond university to pan out.

The first decision I’ve made is that I am not going to defer my course for a year. Originally I had come to the conclusion that holding fire on beginning my four year academic stretch until 2022 was the sensible thing to do. After all, although things are very much heading in the right direction as far as the lifting of Covid restrictions is concerned, we’re not there yet and there is still no guarantee that our lives will resemble anything remotely normal by the time September rolls around.

However, after a year of enforced lockdowns and me personally having been stuck at home pretty much since the tail end of 2017, (apart from the 6 months or so of college I managed before the pandemic hit) I feel very much like I’m at the end of my tether. I honestly don’t think I could stomach another year and a half of my life being like this. I really just want to get up, get out there and get stuck in.

The second thing I’ve been thinking about is where I want my degree to take me career wise. I would really love to write a book or perhaps even a series of books if I manage to enjoy a modicum of success. But I don’t think that can be wholly relied upon to bring in a substantial, regular income.

So I have been looking into other avenues of professional writing that my chosen degree could ultimately lead to and the role of Freelance Copywriter has particularly piqued my interest.

According to Indeed; “A copywriter is a professional who is responsible for writing the text, otherwise known as copy, for advertisements, websites, brochures, billboards, emails, catalogs and other promotional materials.”

That in itself sounds like something that I can genuinely see myself doing. It interests me. It excites me. It seems like a role that could really get my creative juices flowing.

It is also a role that appears to be in constant high demand. I’m particularly lucky to live close to both Bath and Bristol too, where creative industries are plentiful.

Then there are is the financial aspect of becoming a Freelance Copywriter as well. Apparently the average yearly salary for a copywriter in Bristol is just over £30k a year. To put this into context, the last role I had as a Business Development Team Leader, (Glorified telesales bod with added responsibilities) paid just over £10k a year. Yes there was the OTE in excess of the base salary but the targets that we were set were nigh-on impossible to achieve.

So my plan is to become a Freelance Copywriter as my main source of income, and work on writing my book(s) as a side-line. Perhaps working three days a week as a Copywriter and setting aside one day to crack on with the fiction side of things.

However I end up working it, it’s nice to have a structured plan in place and an end goal in my sights. I’m done with aimlessly drifting along. It’s time to start living.


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