Getting my Covid vaccine

I had my first dose of the Coronavirus vaccine last week. Quick, efficient and pain free, with the exception of a dead arm for a couple of days. Still, I would rather put up with a dead arm for a day or two than contract Covid. At least now – thanks to the genius of Pfizer BioNTech – I have a certain degree of protection. Even more so once I’ve had the second dose in August. So I should have built up a decent level of immunity by the time I start university in September.

My partner and I had to go to Ashton Gate Stadium in Bristol to get our jabs. A little strange when there is a dedicated Covid-19 vaccination centre 10 minutes drive away in Melksham admittedly, but the best of the options that were presented to us when we made the booking. Incidentally, the other options included Bournemouth, Birmingham, Nottingham and London. We live in Wiltshire. Essentially, the booking system is flawed. That, or the people that programmed it had no real grasp of UK geography.

Anyway, when we arrived we were greeted by a member of staff who checked that we had an appointment booked, provided us with some information to read about the process and got us to sanitize our hands with hand gel. We then made our way along a corridor to another member of staff who gave us each a vaccine card and a small card with our time of arrival written on it. We were then each directed to one of around 20 vaccination stations that were set up.

After a few more questions – mostly about any medication that I took and whether I had any symptoms of Covid – it was time to get jabbed. The staff suggested they use my left arm as I’m right handed and, the slightest scratch later, my first shot of the Pfizer vaccine was safely in my arm and making its way into my bloodstream.

After that, I was told to make my way to a seating area that was being overseen by the St John’s Ambulance Service, where I was reunited with my partner and instructed to rest for 15 minutes before leaving. This is just in case you have a strange reaction to the vaccine. Nothing more. Thankfully, neither of us had any issues and shortly afterwards we were back in the car and heading home.

I strongly urge anyone that hasn’t yet booked their Covid vaccine to do so as soon as they’re eligible. It’s quick, it doesn’t hurt and ultimately, vaccination is the only way that our lives are ever going to get back to something that resembles normality.

(And no, Bill Gates is not trying to sneak a microchip into your arm. If you believe that or any of the other conspiracy theories then you really need to give your head a shake.)


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