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Coping with Covid fatigue

It feels like an absolute lifetime since we all enjoyed a Covid-free life. No matter which way you turn you're faced with the consequences of the ongoing global pandemic. It has affected everything from the way in which we interact with our fellow humans to the way that we buy our weekly groceries. Nothing is… Continue reading Coping with Covid fatigue

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Thoughts on panic-buying

Image source: The world is a strange place at the moment. Anyone heading to Tesco this morning could easily be forgiven for thinking that it was Christmas Eve, given how busy it was. I went at 7.30am and the car park was rammed full. Shoppers were already loading their vehicles with what looked like… Continue reading Thoughts on panic-buying


A visit to Shaftesbury Fringe

Despite living a mere 40 minute drive away from Shaftesbury, I'd never actually been there. I forget just how close we are to Dorset here in Wiltshire sometimes! Anyway, as well as being famous for being the place where they filmed the classic Hovis commercial - you know, the one with the boy pushing his… Continue reading A visit to Shaftesbury Fringe