Self harm, suicidal thoughts and libraries

I've not had the greatest few hours if truth be told. I guess I feel a bit like I've hit a mental brick wall and the only tools that I've been given in order to try and break through that wall are a feather and one of those wooden chip forks you get from the… Continue reading Self harm, suicidal thoughts and libraries


Wishing I could fit in

In the 38 years that I've been living on this beautiful but becoming increasingly fucked up planet I can only think of one occasion where I've really felt like I've fitted in with everyone else. A time where I felt like I was Mr Popular and I was the one person that everybody wanted to… Continue reading Wishing I could fit in


Debunking the misconceptions

With Mental Health Awareness Week drawing to a close in the UK I thought I would round off this week of blogging by putting to rights some of the most common misconceptions that surround those who suffer with depression and other mental illnesses. 1. We are just feeling sad or sorry for ourselves So this… Continue reading Debunking the misconceptions


Toxic friendships and why they’re no good for you.

Something that I've learnt to be particularly important over the past year or so is self care. Whether that be spending time making yourself look stunning every morning, getting enough sleep every night or simply spending a few hours doing something that you enjoy. Making enough time for yourself is a key element in helping… Continue reading Toxic friendships and why they’re no good for you.

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Blogging by the beach: The Mental Health Minute

I’ve taken myself off to Clevedon today as we’ve seemingly been blessed with a few days of decent weather at last. It’s a place that I only discovered because of my friend Steve and his habit of coming here to photograph the frankly stunning sunset. As coastal towns go it’s got the basics covered. There’s… Continue reading Blogging by the beach: The Mental Health Minute