Thoughts on the festive season

Autumn has always been my favourite part of the year. I love the way the leaves on the trees all change colour and eventually fall to the ground, the darker evenings that make you glad to be tucked up safely inside and the cooler temperatures and variable weather that signify the change in season. If… Continue reading Thoughts on the festive season


Songs to chill out to

Music is a very powerful medium. It has the ability to take us back to all sorts of places that we've been to during the course of our lives. For example, Stan by Eminem will always remind me of meeting my partner for the first time back in 2000, simply because it was playing in… Continue reading Songs to chill out to


Why do we feel so guilty for looking after ourselves?

Mental illness and guilt go hand and hand in my experience. Whenever the black dog rears its ugly, scraggy head along comes the accompanying guilt, and it's about as welcome as a wasps nest at a summer barbecue. But why do feel so guilty just for being unwell? More so, why do we feel so… Continue reading Why do we feel so guilty for looking after ourselves?


Making a decision

Last Friday I made a decision. Well, if truth be told I made quite a few decisions last Friday but this one decision in particular was one that I had been mulling over for rather a long time. So much so that I had already made this decision multiple times prior to Friday, each time… Continue reading Making a decision


Self harm, suicidal thoughts and libraries

I've not had the greatest few hours if truth be told. I guess I feel a bit like I've hit a mental brick wall and the only tools that I've been given in order to try and break through that wall are a feather and one of those wooden chip forks you get from the… Continue reading Self harm, suicidal thoughts and libraries