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Troublesome memories of a past life.

I'm not sure why I felt like revisiting my teenage, (and younger) years today. It's not like I have particularly fond memories of them like most people do. My years spent growing up in Surrey were mediocre at best. I was physically and mentally bullied for pretty much the entire amount of time I spent in education, which lead to self-loathing, lonliness and the early onset of depression.

Blogs, mental health

What depression feels like to me.

Today I've been feeling suicidal. Those of you that have followed my story throughout the lifetime of this blog will be aware that this is nothing new. I often have days where I've just had enough of being me and can't be bothered to carry on. Today was one of those days, and I couldn't… Continue reading What depression feels like to me.

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A #mentalhealth thought for the day


Back 2 Skool

I've taken myself out of the house this morning for a change. I spend way too much time just hanging around the house on my own and it can't be healthy for me or good for my generally fragile mindset. So, I've come to Starbucks in town. I figured it's as good a place as… Continue reading Back 2 Skool