Big Blagger Archive

My first guest article for leading Big Brother fansite ‘Big Blagger.’ Is it time for a Big Brother revival in the UK? November 5th 2018. For most people, this was just another typical Guy Fawkes Night. But for 700,000 or so loyal fans, it was the night that Big Brother finally whimpered to an end in… Read More Big Blagger Archive Archive

In early 2020 I was lucky enough to become one of a number of ‘Everyday Role Models’ for MyNeedToLive – a free digital Community Interest Company for 16-24-year olds packed with relevant, impartial and topical content created by young people, for young people. … Read More Archive

2009 Archive

I recently rediscovered an old blog of mine from 10 years ago that, despite it’s age, made for quite interesting reading. A snapshot if you like of how my life was back in my late 20’s. It was titled ‘4:45am’. A nod to the time of the morning when I would be making my way… Read More 2009 Archive

Gaming Blog Archive

Back at the tail end of 2017, having taken stock of the ludicrous amount of un-touched games I had sitting on my shelves, I decided to try and make a dent in the backlog pile by writing about my experiences of playing each game.… Read More Gaming Blog Archive