As well as my regular postings on here I have also written several articles and guest blogs for a number of other websites. These are listed below.

If you would like to commission me to write a guest blog or article for your website please get in touch via Email or Twitter.

September 27th 2018

“Five reasons why you should be watching the current series of Big Brother.” – Buzzfeed UK

October 19th 2020

“Remember The Big Breakfast?” – Buzzfeed UK

14th May 2020

“Is it time for a Big Brother revival in the UK?” – Big Blagger

24th June 2020

“Best Shows Ever is a nice slice of nostalgia, but it’s not the future.” – Big Blagger

27th August 2018

“Why Big Brother deserves to survive beyond 2018.” – HuffPost UK

6th November 2018

“Big Brother is better off without Channel 5.” – HuffPost UK

28th January 2019

“Gemma Collins’ ‘Dancing on Ice’ fall is no excuse for body-shaming” – HuffPost UK 

23rd April 2020

“Your mental health in the pandemic.” – MyNeedToLive

6th May 2020

“What happens when a friendship turns toxic?” – MyNeedToLive

7th September 2020

“8 top tips for new school starters.” – MyNeedToLive

5th October 2020

“#TellYourStory: The television of my childhood” – MyNeedToLive

6th October 2020

“It’s never too late to find your true vocation.” – MyNeedToLive

14th October 2020

“Common sense during the Covid crisis.” – MyNeedToLive

“#TellYourStory: 5 tips for supermarket shopping.” – MyNeedToLive

20th October 2020

“#TellYourStory: The power of Twitter” – MyNeedToLive

“#TellYourStory: What makes you happy?” – MyNeedToLive

November 2020

“The importance of being idle” – MyNeedToLive

“Winter gaming recommendations” – MyNeedToLive

“Surviving lockdown 2.0” – MyNeedToLive

“My alternative Christmas wish list” – MyNeedToLive

“#TellYourStory: What age would I revisit?” – MyNeedToLive

“#TellYourStory: The lists of Christmas past” – MyNeedToLive