About Me


Writing an “About me” page reminds me a lot of those terrible group job interviews that companies sometimes want you to attend. Once you’re all sat in a circle with your clipboard and heightened sense of awkwardness you can pretty much guarantee that the first activity will involve you having to stand up and tell everyone about yourself.

But what to say? Should you stand up and give a highly detailed account of everything of any significance that has ever happened to you? Should you keep it brief and just reel off a few key points?

Or should you just say whatever the Hell you like because nobody there really gives a flying toss about you or your life and you don’t particularly want the job anyway?

In the case of a group interview I once had at WH Smith back in the 1990’s it was the latter.

So what about me then?

There’s not that much to tell really. My name’s Chris, i’m in my 40th year on this beautiful but damaged planet and I have no real idea where my life is going.

One of the biggest issues I have to deal with is my ongoing mental illness. Depression, anxiety or whatever else it is that I suffer with. I’m not actually sure as I’ve never actually officially been diagnosed. Although I do get to chug a cocktail of drugs down every morning with my breakfast to help me cope throughout the day.

Another way that I cope with the ups and downs of my ongoing condition is by doing this blog. It’s a place where I am free to empty all of those often complicated thoughts and feelings from my somewhat messed up mind, and hopefully by doing so it might help one or two others that may be going through a similar experience to me.

I’m always happy to hear from anyone who happens to be reading this nonsense, so do feel free to ping me an email by clicking here or give me a shout over on Twitter.

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