A change in direction

The last time that I wrote a blog on here I spoke about my imminent return to college to start my two year Access to HE course. Something that I was absolutely convinced was the course that I needed to do in order to get to university, and study for my degree.

It turns out, however, that I was wrong.

That’s not a bad thing though. Because, with the best will in the world we all make mistakes and poor decisions.

I knew that the course was wrong for me as soon as I started the literary studies module. The syllabus was all based around analysing different texts. Most of which were at least a century old. I’m just not interested in doing that. I can appreciate other peoples writing, of course I can. But surely there are other more contemporary writers worthy of analysis than Shakespeare and Dickens?

The other thing that I have discovered is that my initial choice of degree isn’t correct either.

I was sure that a degree in ‘Creative Writing and Publishing’ at Bath Spa University was going to be right for me. But given the events and revelations of last week I thought I should spend some time looking in depth at the different modules of the course and how they fitted in with what it is that I want to eventually do.

It turns out that – in a similar fashion to the Access to HE course – it was completely the wrong thing for me.

Back to square one, then.

So I spent some time researching my options. Beginning with alternative degrees at Bath Spa before moving onto other possibilities at other local Universities in Bath, Bristol and Cardiff.

I have now settled on what I firmly believe is the right choice for me, having spent a considerable amount of time looking at the structure of the course and reading testimonies from students both past and present.

A degree in Creative & Professional Writing with a foundation year at the University of the West of England.

To me, this matches up a lot better with my ambitions as a writer. It should teach me the fundamentals of all aspects of writing and help me to improve my current skills and techniques before allowing me to specialise in my chosen aspect of writing in my final year.

I also don’t need to have completed the Access to HE course in order to be eligible to apply. They simply require me to have a GCSE in English Language at grade 4 or above. Well, I now have a grade 7, so that should put me in good stead.

I have decided to defer my studies for a year though. Primarily because of the ongoing situation with Covid-19 but also because I feel that I need to really focus on managing my own mental health a lot better. I have been struggling quite a lot with stress, anxiety and anger of late and I really need to take the time to address it before continuing with my studies.

Over the next 12 months I’m planning to continue to develop my writing. I want to try and blog here a lot more regularly than of late, as well as focusing a lot more on contributions for MyNeedToLive. I’m also developing a fiction based project at the moment too. It’s early days but I’m pleased with the way that it’s progressing. Who knows where it might lead!

I’m also open for guest writing opportunities for other blogs and websites too. So please don’t hesitate to get in touch through email or Twitter.


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