Thoughts on face coverings

Face coverings are something that have been a constant throughout the ongoing global pandemic. But should you wear one? Well, here are my thoughts on a somewhat confusing subject.

I think the first thing to understand is that wearing a face covering comes with somewhat of a stigma. To differ in any significant way to other people around us is something that we as human beings fear. We don’t want to stand out from the crowd for the wrong reasons and we don’t want to appear in any way to be weak to other people. If you are the only person who’s wearing a face mask in a (socially distanced) crowd of a hundred people then you’re going to stick out like a sore thumb and feel like everybody else is staring at you.

But if you turn it on it’s head, perhaps it’s the other 99 people in the crowd who stand out for all the wrong reasons. After all, by each of them choosing not wear a face covering they’re actually being incredibly selfish to every other person within their vicinity.

This is the thing with face coverings. Yes, they will help protect you from the dreaded virus to some degree. But it’s more about the fact that by wearing one when amongst other people, you’re preventing any droplets and particles that might be naturally exhaled from you being spread any further than the confines of your own mask. You’re being selfless and considering the health and wellbeing of others who might be significantly more vulnerable than yourself.

This is why it is so important to wear your face covering correctly. It should cover both your nose and your mouth. Believe it or not, wearing it on your chin really isn’t at all effective!

Should you wear a face covering? Well, yes you should. Certainly, I think it should be made manatory to wear one when inside in any busy public space such as shopping centres and retail outlets. It’s not as if they’re difficult to get hold of. Wearing a face covering when out in public should be seen as being every bit as important as washing your hands or using hand sanitizer.

It doesn’t mean you’re weak if you wear a face covering. It just means you’re not a selfish arsehole.


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