My Overwatch addiction

I’ve always been a gamer. From a young age when I was first introduced to the wonders of Centipede and Moon Patrol on the family Atari to the present day and all the joys that the PS4 has to offer. It’s just something that I enjoy sinking time into as often as I can. And over the past few years – due to my situation – that interest has taken up even more of my time than ever before.

But my gaming habit has become less about exploring strange new worlds and trying new experiences recently, and has instead settled on a continued dedication to just one title.


And I have my reasons. From the very first time that I put the game on I’ve been enthralled by the colourful and characterful world being offered up to me on screen. I love the diversity of each of the different heros and the unique way in which they all play. I enjoy the fact that it’s a team based experience and that each and every one of us is working together to reach a common goal.

It’s a very social experience. For somebody like me who has spent the best part of two years alone in my house it has allowed me to meet other players and work together with them to climb the competitive ladder. In many ways it helps alleviate my social anxiety and allows me to feel part of a group.

It also offers a safe place to escape to. When my mind is turning cartwheels and trying to bring me down to my lowest ebb, Overwatch takes me away from it all and offers me the kind of immersive escapism that books and television are barely able to scratch. In many ways the game had saved me from my own self destruction on more than one occasion.

Would I say that I am actually addicted? Probably. But is that such a bad thing? I mean, there’s a lot worse things to be addicted to. Booze, drugs and gambling for a start. My hours spent playing a simple hero shooter isn’t doing anyone any harm is it?


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