Don’t fear change. Embrace it.

Change is something that many of us find hard to deal with and to embrace. We get comfortable and then we’re more than happy to just plod along in the same way that we have been because it feels safe, and we all just want to feel safe, right?

But change isn’t something that should be feared by anybody, and it’s taken me nearly 40 years to realise that.

For me personally, change frightened me. I’d always been content with things within my life staying the same. I guess I would become almost emotionally attached to things. Both people and objects. I appreciated the familiarity of those people and those objects and how they made me feel secure. I enjoyed an almost vanilla lifestyle with no interest in trying anything new or different. And if I was forced to try something different due to a an uncontrolable change in circumstance, it would completely throw me. Usually into a low emotional state that would more often than not take me the best part of a week to climb out of. Such is the way my complicated mind works.

Just lately though I’ve had so much change thrust at me – much of it beyond my control – that I’ve started to appreciate the fact that change can be a good thing. A way of wiping the slate clean. A way of starting a new chapter. A way of taking all of those things that you’re not completely happy with and chucking them into a large skip full of negative emotions and bad memories.

Think about it. If you were still doing the exact same things that you were doing 20 years ago, wouldn’t you be just a litte bit bored?

Imagine doing the same job for your entire life. Or imagine living in the same house in the same street doing the exact same things at the exact same time every single day.

Wouldn’t you start to crave a bit of variety or spice in your life?

Of course change can be frightening. But it’s really just a fear of the unknown.

Take a look at your life as it stands right now. For example, How long have you been doing the same job for? Are you still happy doing it? Do you still spring out of bed every morning excited to do the same old drive to the office to do the same old work with the same old people?

Or are you still doing it because you’re afraid to break out and try something new?

If you are, ask yourself why? What’s the worst that could happen?

For me, if I’d never embraced change I would still be living in a mouldy, one-bed flat in a part of the country that I couldn’t afford to live in. I would still be getting up at 4am to go and do a job that I hated for a company that I hated even more. I wouldn’t now be on the verge of starting a completely new life with a completely new goal in mind. That’s the thing you see. For the first time in 39 yearsI actually have a solid idea of what I want to do with the rest of my life, and I’m damn well going to achieve it.

So don’t be afraid of the unknown. Don’t fear change, no matter how big or small it might be. Take those changes and embrace them fully and they might just change your life.


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