Life. The greatest drama of them all.

Life, in many ways is a bit like a soap opera. There are lots of different storylines playing out at any different time, there are multiple recurring locations that become the main focus of all the action in the aforementioned storylines; Typically a house or houses, the local shop, the pub that everyone drinks in, etc.. And of course there are the characters. Those people that play a key part in the continuing drama that is your life. And, like any soap opera, characters come and go on a regular basis. They have their storyline(s) and then they’re written out, often never to be seen or spoken of again.

That’s the thing about life. It’s forever changing and evolving. New locations that you’ve never had to visit in the past suddenly become frequented haunts. Storylines come to natural conclusions and new ones begin. Characters that have played an important part in your life are written out suddenly. Either because they have decided to move on themselves, or because you have purposely chosen to write them out of your ongoing story.

The decision to “write somebody out of your life” isn’t easy. As human beings we thrive on being surounded by those people that we trust and value as friends. But sometimes those relationships can become somewhat one-sided. And when that happens, it’s time to re-evaluate whether that particular relationship is worth continuing with or not.

This is something that I’ve had to do myself recently. Somebody who I met a few years ago and became good friends with became increasingly distant over the past 12 months. Whereas previously we had voice-messaged each other several times a week and often arranged to meet up for a coffee and a catch up, all of a sudden the messages seemed to dry up. From that point on it would often be weeks between me sending them a voice message and getting any sort of response back, increasingly making me feel un-valued and like I’d done something wrong.

In reality of course, I hadn’t. This was just a simple case of that particlar person moving on in life and trying to evolve their own storyline. A storyline that, sadly, no longer had a part for me within it. That’s fine. I get it. I too am moving on. My change in situation this September will mean a whole new set of challenges for me to deal with and whole load of new characters to meet and build relationships with, and I’m excited about it!

People come and go. Storylines have beginnings and ends. Nothing lasts forever and every person within your life serves a purpose. So don’t be sad when relationships come to a natural conclusion. Just remember the good times that you shared together and look forward to what is still to come.


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