Why is losing weight often considered a solution to mental health problems?

When I was a kid I was as skinny as a rake. As thin as you like. Everything about me was skinny. Especially my arms. I always hated my arms. All the other boys in my class had thick arms. Muscley even. Mine were like twigs in comparrison, and boy was I made to feel bad about it.

Even after leaving school and diving headlong into the world of work, I still remained thin. No matter how much beer and junk food I piled into my stomach, I never seemed to put on any weight. In fact, it’s only in the past few years that I’ve really begun to fill out somewhat. I put that partly down to my medication – antidepressants are notorious for encouraging weight gain – but mostly down to my lifestyle. When I stopped working as a baker and got myself a desk job was the real turning point. I just wasn’t getting any real exercise any more apart from the 5 minute walk each way from the office to my home.

Anyway, ever since I’ve put a bit of weight on, I’m constantly being reminded of it. I’m often getting asked “How’s the diet going?” when I’m not actually on a diet. Or I’m told that “I would feel a lot better if I lost some weight.”

This really gets my goat. I’ve suffered with mental health issues for most of my life. Even when I was stick thin I suffered and I still felt like shit for the most part. So why would losing a bit of weight now suddenly make all the difference?

Why do I constantly hear people saying that exercise is the solution to all of my mental health problems? I used to take part in cross country at school and I used to cycle 7 miles to college each way and I never felt any different.

Here’s the thing. Even though I am probably a little fatter than I would like to be, I’m not really that bothered. It doesn’t bother me that I’ve got a bit of a belly going on and I can no longer fit into 30″ waist jeans. So why then does it bother other people so much?

I’m more bothered about getting my troubled mind into a good place as a main priority than worrying about going jogging three times a week or eating more salad.

Besides, I like chocolate too much.


3 thoughts on “Why is losing weight often considered a solution to mental health problems?

  1. Craig White says:

    Our immune system’s may well hold the key, because the gut may have its own brain mechanism, inwhich could be responsible for..

    Digestion.. immune response.. and also emotions..

    brain bowl toxicity level can be reduced..


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