When it comes to health care, consistency is key.

Growing up I was pretty much the only person in my class to never break a bone. Other people were always coming in with their legs in plaster, swinging from a set of crutches. One guy in my class at middle school even fell off the wall climbing bars and smashed his two front teeth out. Poor sod. I remember the noise of him landing and the blood pouring from his mouth. I also remember how he ended up with these two silver caps covering the brittle remains of his front teeth not long after. Everybody used to take the piss out of him and call him The Terminator. Honestly, they looked terrible. Perhaps his Mum couldn’t afford to get more realistic looking replacements, or perhaps because of it being the early 90’s such things weren’t easily available. Who knows?

Either way, the point is that I was the only person to never really have anything go tits-up in terms of health or wellbeing.

So I wonder if that’s the reason that I’ve been bombarded with health problem after health problem in the past couple of years. Is it to make up for the clean record that I enjoyed as a child?

I’ve always had my mental health problems to deal with of course. These are part of me now and I guess I’m used to them being a part of my life. But in the past 2 years I’ve developed Obstructive Sleep Apnoea for which I have to use a CPAP machine on a nightly basis. This also leaves me to suffer from extreme tiredness most of the time which makes it quite difficult to function normally.

I also have B12 deficiency which is currently being investigated. I’m actually on the seemingly year-long waiting list for a colonoscopy at Bristol Royal Infirmary to look into the causes of that. My GP suspects I either have internal bleeding or an inability to absorb certain vitamins into my bloodstream, which has resulted in a multitude of blood tests seemingly every other week. It’s lucky I’m not bothered about needles really!

Cap all that off with my reflux problems – I have to take tablets daily to help manage that – and as you can see, I’m just a teeny little bit broken.

I’m lucky that I have such a wonderful GP who always goes out of her way to help me with all of the above issues. A lot of GP practises these days won’t let you see the same doctor each time, preferring to just stick you with the first one that’s available. But I believe that consistency in care is vital when it comes to managing ongoing health conditions. It’s a bit like the old days when you had the one family doctor and you built up a relationship with them, with each generation of the family having them as their ‘go-to’ for medical advise. Honestly, if I hadn’t of had my GP fighting my corner, backing me up and keeping me sane over the past couple of years, who knows where I’d be right now.

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