Keeping focused

Apologies for the lack of postings over the past few weeks. I’ve been keeping myself occupied with OpenLearn from the Open University. A whole catalogue of free educational courses that my GP recommended to me. I’ve completed 2 so far in the space of 2 weeks. The first being ‘An introduction to writing fiction’ – a 12 hour course that unsurprisingly involved a whole heap of brainstorming and creative writing – and an 8 hour course revolving around the causes of depression and anxiety that I thought might help me understand why my mind is the way it is.

That particular course didn’t interest me as much as the content was very heavily focused on the chemical side of things and putting everyone into a particular box, and didn’t really consider other factors such as past life experiences and exposure to traumatic events. I stuck with it though and managed to see it through to the end.

Anyway, the great thing about these free courses is the fact that by enrolling on each one I’m giving myself some kind of purpose. Whereas previously I would have spent my days just sitting around the house once all the housework had been done, I now make a point of taking myself down to the library with my laptop three days a week. By doing so I’m actually putting myself out there amongst other people and reducing the lonliness that I so often feel when I spend multiple days alone at home. In recent times I’ve found dealing with other people really quite difficult. So it’s a real effort for me to do such a thing.

I’m also getting my brain working again. I found that particularly with the fiction writing course my mind was busy but in a positive way, churning out idea after idea and then converting those ideas into sentences and paragraphs. Parts of the course also encourage you to recall and consider past events from your life which in a way is kind of like a form of therapy in itself.

Plus there’s the physical benefits of coming to the library to work as well. My local library is a good half hour walk from my house. So there and back is an hours excercise which can’t do me any harm!

I’m going to look at doing another course next week. Perhaps something a little more creative again. I enjoy writing so much and it’s what I eventually want to end up doing as a job. So by keeping my mind focused on studying for a good part of the week should put me in a good place for when I head back to college in September.

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