Things that make me happy

Being all warm and cosy inside in the winter when the rain is lashing down outside.

Late afternoon walks in the countryside in autumn time.

Chilling in a sun lounger on the patio with a good book and a bottle of cider on a hot day.

Driving in the countryside during the autumn when all the leaves are falling off the trees.

Driving along on a hot summer’s day with the windows down and some good summer tunes playing.

Seeing my partner happy and content.

Making other people smile or laugh.

Big Brother launch nights and eviction nights – they still give me a real buzz.

When my cat eats treats straight from my hand.

Walking by the harbourside in Bristol on a sunny day.

Writing a blog post that I’m really pleased with.

Twitter and It’s ability to make me laugh out loud regularly at the most ridiculous things.

Treacle Moon shower gels and Loreal Men Expert products.

Loud, well mixed dance music.

All the times I spend with my partner – we can always make each other laugh even in the most tedious of situations.

Seeing bees in our garden, and all of the birds that come to eat at our bird feeder.

Spontaneous trips to the cinema.

Earning trophies on PS4.

Good, loud thunderstorms.

The build up to the Christmas season.

What makes you happy?


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