The meaning behind my ink

Getting a tattoo was always one of those things that I’d never really considered before. I guess my overall impression of them was of these tacky looking blue and green things that were all faded and usually sat on the forearm of somebody you wouldn’t particularly fancy being stuck in a sweaty lift with.

Something changed within me last year though and I decided that it was something that I wanted to try. I think the main reason I hadn’t before was because I was always worried that certain people wouldn’t approve of it or like it. But I’ve realised now that you cannot go through life worrying what other people might think or you’re never going to achieve anything.

Also, getting a tattoo really doesn’t hurt as much as people make out.

So these are my tattoos so far.

Tattoo #1


This was the first one I had done. It’s pretty self explanatory really, just my partners name together with the date that we first met. This is on my right wrist and has little hearts dotting the i’s. The date was actually added later on but serves as a helpful reminder for me of our anniversary date. No excuses now!

Tattoo #2


A step up in size with this one. The words ‘Amor Vincit Omnia’ are actually latin and translate to ‘Love Conquers All’.

This one basically symbolises everything that my partner and myself have been through over the years and how at the end of the day no matter what happens we’ve always got each other.

It’s on the underside of my left forearm and it took about an hour to do.

Tattoo #3


This is my most recent tattoo and probably my favourite so far as it’s incredibly personal to me and I designed it myself.

It’s a semi-colon symbol with birds emerging from it and flying away.

The semi-colon symbol represents my depression/self-harm and the birds represent escaping. So it’s kind of meant to show that although I suffer with a seemingly life-long mental health condition there is a chance of escaping from it, eventually.

Does that make sense?


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